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Municipality of Radoboj is located in the middle of the northern part of the Krapina-Zagorje County and occupies three percent of its surface. It borders the City of Krapina and municipalities Jesenje, Novi Golubovec and Mihovljan. It is crossed by three important road directions: county road 2122 (A. G. Grada Krapina-Radoboj-D 35), county road 2123 (Radoboj (Ž 2122)-Jazvine-A. G. Grada Krapina) and county road 2257 (Radoboj (Ž 2122)-Gorjani Sutinski-Novi Golubovec (D 29)).

Municipality of Radoboj covers an area of 33,22 square kilometers inhabited by 3400 residents in 998 households who live in the settlements: Bregi Radobojski, Gorjani Sutinski, Šemnica Gornja, Jazvine, Kraljevec Radobojski, Kraljevec Šemnički, Orehovec Radobojski, Radoboj and Strahinje Radobojsko.

Municipality of Radoboj can boast its colorful and landscape interesting scenery. It consists of a forested mountain regions, vineyards on the slopes, lowlands, and five smaller rivers. Maybe in the future we will be able to count them also some new thermal sources. Drinking water is of high value. Municipal area is covered by adequate energy sources, telephone connections and gas connections. It runs around 20 kilometers of county and state roads. The transport infrastructure is enchanced by nearly 50 km of unclassified paved roads, which connect all villages with main roads.

Scenery of Radoboj is very beautiful, interesting  and economically significant. Abundant natural resources with its unforgettable appearance will attract the visitor's imagination on the stepped slopes, which is a natural protection prancing around Radoboj. It will make him to watch the rough seas of green, rounded waves lined in multi color imagery. This feeling inspires man and relieves him of his everyday worries and Zagorci say, "There you can find peace and serenity."

Good location within Krapina-Zagorje County, Strahinjčica as a valuable natural landscape, rich cultural and historical heritage - particularities are that are providing good predispositions for the development of the local government unit. The proximity of Zagreb should provide sightseeing tourism, for which there are assumptions in relief, climate, traffic, and other characteristics. Also, for this purpose, and for the further development should take advantage of the preserved landscape of Strahinjščica, the mountain forests of high vegetation, covering almost one-third of this municipality. The hills are mostly covered by forest vegetation, orchards and vineyards, while through the valley flow two major streams: Radobojčica and Šemnica, and is covered with farmland. Completeness of this landscape certainly contribute to disperse groups of scattered rural settlements - which is ideal for the development of rural tourism. Strahinjčica, which dominates the northern part of the municipality of Radoboj is mostly covered with tall evergreen forests of oak, beech and hornbeam - mainly for commercial purposes. Economic unit Strahinjščica - Trnovec belongs to mountain belt and premountain deciduous and coniferous forest sector Pannonian Illyrian Provinces Eurosiberian - North American region. The main characteristic of such geographic-plant position expressed gratitude altitude vegetation. Here, there are two zones: the lower positions belong to climate community of sessile oak and hornbeam, a senior climate zone of beech forests.

Mountainous part of Strahinjčica is an intersection of Alpine, Dinaric and Pannonian sector. These are characterized by the association of beech and fir, interspersed with sycamore, white ash, and lower positions with linden, oak and hornbeam. The area is full of botanical rarities: kalnička šašika, perunika, vrapčje sjeme and all sorts of žednjak.




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